Spearbound Legend is a arcade-style 2D platformer game where players are cursed to be bound to their trusty spear. Use your spear to fight enemies or even use it as a platform to collect every orb needed to beat each level!


A/D keys - Walk left/right
W/S keys - Aim spear up/down
E key - Throw/Recall spear
Space key - Jump
U key - Reset level


MUSIC: "Threat - Shoreline" by James Primate (from Rain World OST)

SFX: Created using sfrx.me

Updated 15 days ago
StatusIn development

Development log


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Fantastic, I was sad to go back to the main menu after the last level. I like how the spear is both movement+combat

This is awesome, great consistent art style already too.

Love that the spear has aiming and feels physically quite good

I kinda wanna be rewarded for headshots, by the head falling off (don't do this if you don't have time lol)

Would love to see the spear freeze when it hits a wall/enemy, like an arrow hitting a target?

(random niggle, I wish "recall spear" was Q, as thats where my fingers rest while using WASD)